Dinner Platters

Dinner Platters include BBQ Bread, Hush Puppies and 2 sides
Rib & Pig Out Platters include all of the above plus corn nuggets
Substitute both sides with a Smokin’ Potato for $2 or
substitute one side with a Smokin’ Potato for $3
We Know You’ll Enjoy Our Lip Smackin’, Award Winnin’ Spare Ribs. Hand Rubbed & Smoked in Hickory Wood.  Sauce ‘Em To Your Taste With any of Our Homemade Sauces. Ask For More Napkins…You’re Going to Need ‘Em!

Small Slab – 3 Bones                              $13.50

½ Slab Ribs – 6 Bones                           $15.50
Full Slab Ribs – 12 Bones                      $20.50

**Just Ribs, Bread & Hush Puppies Available For $2 Less



Boneless Rib Tips (Over ½ Pound)      $13.50
Cut From Spare Ribs, Seasoned & Smoked in Hickory Wood, Soaked in Sweet Sauce. No Bones About ‘Em,They’re Tasty!!

Add $3 And Make Your Dinner All You Can Eat

Pulled Pork BBQ                                    $11.50
Seasoned, Hand Rubbed, Smoked With Hickory Wood & Pulled to Perfection a Favorite of Our Smokehouse Friends & Family

Add $3 And Make Your Dinner All You Can Eat

Texas Beef Brisket                                               $15
Seasoned & Hand Rubbed Brisket Smoked With Mesquite Wood Until it’s Sooo Tender, then we slice it for you.

Add $3 And Make Your Dinner All You Can Eat

Quarter Chicken White (Breast & Wing)            $11.50
Seasoned & Smoked With Apple Wood For a Nice Mild Flavor.

Quarter Chicken Dark (Leg & Thigh)                   $10.50
Seasoned & Smoked With Apple Wood For a Nice Mild Flavor.

Loaded Smokehouse Burger                                   $11.50
½ Pound Burger, Smoked With Hickory Wood, Topped With Our Texas Beef Chili, Cole Slaw, Mustard & Onions

Smokehouse Burger                                                    $10.50
½ Pound Burger Smoked With Hickory Wood Layered With Your Choice of Toppings (Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Pickles, Mustard & Onions) Served on a Large Bun

Smokin’ Sloppy Joe                                                       $9.50
Hickory Smoked Ground Beef Sautéed With Peppers & Onions and Mixed With Smokehouse Sloppy Sauce, Served on a Large Bun

Brisket & Gravy                                                              $15
Our Famous Smoked Mashed Potatoes Piled Over (2 slices)BBQ Bread, Topped With Chopped Texas Beef Brisket and Covered in Brown Beef Gravy. (Only One Side)

½ Chicken (Breast, Wing, Thigh & Drumstick)                                          $14.50
Seasoned & Smoked With Apple Wood For A Nice Mild Flavor.

Add $2 For All White Meat


2 Meat Combo (Ribs Not Included)                               $17.50
Choose From Any 2 Meats


Rib-N-Meat                                                                      $18.50
Includes 4 Bones Of Our Award Winning Spare Ribs & Your Choice Of Any One Meat

3 Meat Combo                                                                                $20.50
Your Choice Of Any 3 Meats

Share Your Platter                                                                           $1

Add $3 And Make Your Dinner All You Can Eat

Bread & Hush Puppies and sides are not included with the following four meals:

Brunswick Stew                                                                                          $9.50
It’s a Meal in a Bowl. Loaded With Pulled Pork & Smoked Chicken, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Lima Beans & Corn. Comes With 3 Hush Puppies and Bbq Bread
**Just a Fun Fact: The Original Brunswick Stew Was Made With Squirrel Meat…Aren’t You Glad We Have Our Own Original Recipe?

Texas Beef Brisket Chili                                                                              $9.50
It’s Not Your Everyday Kind of Chili. We Start With
Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers and Beans, With Just the Right Amount of Spices. Then We Toss in Our Mesquite Smoked Chopped Beef Brisket For a Combination That Will Send You to Hog Heaven. Includes 3 Hush Puppies & BBQ Bread.

Loaded Smokin’ Potato                                                                              $7.50
Our Original Smokin’ BBQ Potato Topped With Cheese & Your Choice of Texas Beef Brisket, Smoked Chicken, or Pulled Pork, or Top it With Brisket & Gravy

Smokehouse Chef Salad                                                                             $7.50
Looking For Something on the Lighter Side?
Try Salad Greens, Tomato, Onion, Carrots, Cucumbers, Eggs, Cheese & Your Choice of Meat (Texas Beef Brisket, Smoked Chicken, Or Pulled Pork)
Don’t Want Any Meat?                                                                              $6.50

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