Old Fiddlers Convention


Less than 12 hours until load in! We look forwrd to this convention every year. Click on the link for the schedule of events and get to Galax,VA. THIS WEEK!!! Make sure you stop by and visit us at The Galax Smokehouse too :)

New Sandwich in Our Specials Menu

Wow! Now this is a beast of a sandwich! It’s not on our regular menu because its so special. It’s the Smokehouse Club, a BLT with House-Made Ranch Sauce with your choice of smoked meat. It is piled high with super thick bacon and LOTS of it, fresh lettuce and tasty tomatoes…and is so good with a big ol’ pig pile of pulled pork…unless you’re a brisket boy or babe and then it could be bodaciously built with a bunch of brisket! We occasionally feature this club on a Blue Plate Special day Monday-Thursday. Sound good? Come on in quick cause we’re eating this up today!

Thank You!!


We are just now finishing the clean up. Words can not ever express how wonderful it is to be part of this community and how special you all make us feel. We appreciate your support so much, you will never know how much! Lots of great customer/ friend feedback today, considering having a Customer Appreciation day once a month in the winter from now on. Lots of you said you got to try things you never would have tried had it not been for the special we ran today. A very special thank you to all those that brought gifts and balloons in as well, you really didn’t have to do that. We did pay some bills with the money taken in today, but honestly more than that….we felt the love ;) Again, thank you so much for your support!!