Smokehouse Fried Potatoes w/Beef Brisket & Cheese   $9
We Take Potatoes Sliced like a Potato Chip, Deep Fried & Seasoned, Covered with Cheddar Cheese & Mesquite Smoked Crumbled Beef Brisket.  Top it with Your Favorite BBQ Sauce

BBQ Nachos w/Pulled Pork & Cheese  $7.50
Crispy Nacho Chips Covered with Our Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork & Tennessee Sweet BBQ Sauce.  This is Quickly becoming a Smokehouse Favorite!

Brunswick Stew          Cup $3.50    Bowl $5.50
Loaded with Pulled Pork & Smoked Chicken, Potatoes,
Tomatoes, Lima Beans & Corn.
(Just a Fun Fact: The Original Brunswick Stew was Made With Squirrel Meat…Aren’t You Glad We Have Our Own Original Recipe?)

Texas Beef Brisket Chili   Cup $3.50    Bowl $5.50
It’s Not Your Everyday Kind of Chili.  We Start With Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers and Beans, with Just the Right Amount  of
Spices. Then We Toss in our Mesquite Smoked Chopped Beef Brisket for a Combination That Will Send You to Hog Heaven.

Can’t decide what makes you squeal?…

Smokehouse Samplers
2 oz of each meat & 3 oz of each side

2/2      Any 2 Meats & 2 Sides Plus
2 Hush Puppies & 2 Corn Nuggets    $9.50

3/3      Any 3 Meats & 3 Sides Plus
3 Hush Puppies & 3 Corn Nuggets  $13.50

4/4      Any 4 Meats & 4 Sides Plus
4 Hush Puppies & 4 Corn Nuggets  $15.50


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